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Do you have a love of words? Our Book Editing and Publishing course will have you working in the industry you are really passionate about in less time, especially compared with other purely academic publishing courses in Sydney. This comprehensive publishing course covers both the technical and practical aspects of working as an editor.

Our 12-week Book Editing and Publishing course will train you in all aspects of book editing. We’ll have you crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s by teaching you the requirements of specialist areas ranging from general non-fiction and technical editing through to children’s books, literary editing and more.

The course digs even deeper by covering book design, on-screen editing of manuscripts, book production processes, digital publishing and book indexing – everything you need to know for a career in book editing.

By the end of this editing and publishing course, you will be ready to embark on a new career as a book editor – just as many graduates before you have done. You can study publishing at Macleay College with confidence that it will lead to a truly rewarding and enjoyable career.

Course Features

  • Full Time
  • Part Time
    12 WKS
  • International
  • Units
  • Internship
  • Campus
  • ATAR
  • Fee Help
  • Evening Classes

Digital Publishing

This practical subject covers all major aspects of publishing in the digital world. Topics include:

  • New technologies for content creation
  • The growing role of editors in preparing content 
for the digital environment
  • New formats for books
  • New technologies — production, marketing, publicity
  • Digital reading devices and their role in publishing.

On-screen editing of manuscripts

You’ll work with a wide range of soft copy (MS Word) manuscripts to gain a working knowledge of computer-based editing.
Covers the use of:

  • Microsoft Word as an editing mark-up tool
  • Editing on-screen and providing author queries
  • Formatting and global style changes
  • Macros and shortcuts
  • Outlining for structural editing
  • Final preparation of edited manuscript for author
  • Preparation of edited manuscript for designer/typesetter.

Diversity of training

The editing strand also focuses on the intricacies and specific requirements of specialist fields. Areas covered may, depending on the needs and interests of the class, include the following:

  • General non- fiction
  • Technical editing
  • Literary editing
• Children’s books
  • Cookbooks/Lifestyle books
  • Scientific/Medical editing.

Book design

Book design introduces contemporary practice and style in book design and provides hands-on experience in the design process. Areas covered include:

  • Principles of text layout and design
  • Internal pages, illustrations and cover artwork; using and sizing illustrations
  • Introduction to typography
  • Introduction to the latest design technology.

The production process

A look at the practicalities of the book production process. Areas covered provide students with the information to select appropriate processes and production values. They include:

  • Printing and binding processes
  • Selection of paper, binding and colour/B&W
  • Technology for traditional (offset) and digital printing
  • Colour separation and Correcting proofs
  • Editor’s work plans and schedules
  • Typesetting processes
  • Customising print/production values to the book’s needs.


Book indexing

This subject will help students compile their own indexes and commission an index from a professional in this field. It includes:

  • Analysing text
  • Commissioning an index
  • Criteria of effective indexes
  • Evaluating an index
  • Index style and layout
  • Technology for indexing.

Editing manuscripts

Editing manuscripts involves working with real manuscripts to develop competence in editing to a professional level. It includes:

  • Evaluation of content and understanding of audience
  • Structural editing
  • Copy editing (understanding/creating style sheets)
  • Roles and responsibilities of the editor
  • Liaising with authors, designers, production, publicity 
and marketing teams
  • Editing for consistency and readability
  • Grammar and good English
  • Selecting and commissioning illustrations
  • Editorial administration and management
  • Proofreading.

Publishing management

This subject covers major aspects of the management roles in a publishing business. Topics include:

  • History and current state of the Australian publishing industry
  • Commissioning and contracting authors
  • Costings and publishing project proposals
  • Marketing of books – traditional and digital.

The course cost for 2017 is $3,900 + GST.

Payment can be made via Credit/Debit Card or Bank Transfer.

The course is not covered by FEE-HELP or any other type of government funding assistance.

Before they go to market, books, magazines and online publications go through the highly capable hands of a book editor. It’s an integral part of publishing, and all the skills you need to enter the field of book editing and publishing are taught right here at Macleay.

Career paths include:

  • Book Editor
  • Book Publisher
  • Production Editor
  • Sub Editor
  • Magazine editor
Monica Attard

Monica Attard


Monica Attard is Head of the Journalism faculty. She has been a journalist for more than 35 years, working much of that time at the ABC where she was a foreign correspondent, reporter and program host. Monica has hosted most of the ABC’s prime time current affairs programs, including PM, The World Today and Media Watch. She is the recipient of five Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism, an Order of Australia, and an Arts/Law degree. Monica is also the author of a best-selling book on the collapse of Soviet communism, called Russia: Which Way Paradise?  She facilitates Q and A style debates at corporate conferences and conducts interviews with leaders across many industries as part of her Facilitation business. Monica is a total news junky whose advice to all students entering Macleay College to study journalism is to immerse themselves in the world of knowledge, information and the digital evolution.

Jane Hession

Dr Jane Hession


Jane is Head of the Business Faculty at Macleay College. She has extensive experience in the area of entrepreneurship, and a passion for encouraging students to explore their own entrepreneurial potential. Previously, Jane has taught at undergraduate and post-graduate levels, as well as working with community-based training programmes. Jane is a published author on the topic of female entrepreneurship, and is particularly interested in small firm growth, immigrant entrepreneurship and youth entrepreneurship. She previously worked as a business consultant for Tipperary North County Enterprise Boards in Ireland. Jane completed her Doctorate in 2013 and also holds a Masters of Business Studies in Entrepreneurship Management.

Ian Thomson

Ian Thomson


Ian is the Head of the Media and Advertising Faculty at Macleay College. Ian has extensive international experience in the design, broadcast and advertising industries. These include creative postings in London (Frame Store), Barcelona (OFramestore), Vienna (DMC), Hamburg (Premiere), Berlin (Metadesign) and Sydney (VPB). His portfolio of work includes branding and advertising campaigns for the ABC, the Olympics, Samsung and NSW Tourism. Ian has created award-winning commercials, advertising campaigns, corporate films and documentaries, both in Australia and overseas. His latest film “OUT in the line-up” has picked up awards in Australia, US and Europe.

Michelle Cott

Michelle Cott


Michelle Cott facilitates the Real Estate subjects as part of the Diploma of Marketing (specialising in Real Estate). Michelle has a wealth of experience in the Real Estate Industry working in Real Estate Sales and Management and Training and Assessment. Having worked as a Licensed Real Estate Agent and a Strata Management Agent for almost twenty years, Michelle’s industry experience provides her with valuable insights that she passes on to students, helping the next generation of real estate gurus learn the ropes of all aspects of the business. She is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and is always looking for opportunities to help students with career advancement. 

Ronan Healy_B&W

Ronan Healy


Ronan facilitates entrepreneurship studies at Macleay College across all business courses. He ran a highly successful construction company in Ireland, and has a Masters in Entrepreneurship Management from the University of Limerick, Ireland. Ronan has lectured Entrepreneurship for many years, and is passionate about inspiring students to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career opportunity. Ronan is also an Executive Coach and mentors entrepreneurs during the start-up phase of their ventures.

Silu Pattivilage

Silu Pattivilage


With over 15 years of experience in Australia and UAE (Dubai), Silu brings a wealth of industry knowledge and insider tips throughout the field of advertising, design and marketing.

She has developed large scope projects for industry giants such as PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), Public Transport Victoria, Sensis, David Jones Limited, Architecture AU and many others.

Through both Advertising & Media and Digital Media courses, she delivers experienced coaching; striving to assist every student in reaching or even exceeding their potential in this highly competitive industry. This Adobe software specialist delivers the Digital Design unit at Macleay Melbourne.

Lynelle Scott-Aitken

Lynelle Scott-Aitken


Lynelle Scott-Aitken teaches Media History & Ethics and the Food, Lifestyle & Travel elective. She qualified as a chef with Neil Perry and Tony Bilson before gaining a BA in Literature and an MA in Communications and becoming a specialist writer of food and travel articles and books. After travelling the globe in search of fascinating food stories for more than a decade, she then spent eight years at Bauer Media writing, sub-editing, editing and managing multiple titles. She generates content for corporate clients and her own projects while teetering on the precipice of starting a PhD in media ethics.

Frances Jewell

Frances Jewell


Frances teaches The Marketing Plan unit and has experience growing businesses and heading transformational strategy, to drive brands and markets within Fortune 100 and Global 500 companies. For over 20 years, she has led sales and marketing teams to deliver tangible business results within the Consumer Healthcare, FMCG, Animal Health, Optical Retail and Financial Services sectors. Frances enthusiastically embraces the opportunity to share her passion for insight-driven marketing strategy with Macleay students!

Sue Stephenson

Sue Stephenson


Sue Stephenson teaches News Research and Media Law & PracticeSue’s been a multimedia journalist for regional and metropolitan newsrooms for more than 30 years. She’s trudged through numerous natural disasters, covered far too many murders and fatal accidents, and interviewed everyone from prime ministers to pop stars. But her stories about ordinary Australians remain her favourites. As a reporter, she’s won a Logie for Outstanding Contribution to Regional Television, been named an MEAA Journalist of the Year, taken home several Prodi Awards and won a Better Hearing Australia Clear Speech Award.

In the late ‘90s she left country NSW for the bright lights of Channel Seven, where she became the network’s most senior female producer. In 2010 she joined the ABC as the founding Executive Producer of ABC News 24 – Australia’s first free to air news channel. She helped establish the ABC’s National Production Desk and was the News Division’s representative on the soon to be rolled out $70m+ Integrated Media System.
Sue’s addiction is to breaking news. She’s logged hundreds of live studio hours covering the biggest news events of the past two decades and refined news production workflows and producer training guides. Her interest in future journalism now sees her embarking on higher degree research into “selective news dissemination.”

Vicki Hetherington

Vicki Hetherington


Vicki has over 28 years’ experience in Marketing, Marketing Consulting, Marketing Research, Training and Strategic Planning. Vicki has a proven delivery record in all facets of Marketing and Communications in a range of industry sectors including services, banking and finance and agency.

Degree qualified in both Marketing and Mathematical Statistics, Vicki’s 10-year background in Lecturing across several Institutions together with her proven industry experience gives her a solid and proven insight in educating.

Her unique perspective on the delivery of education which ensures students are engaged and exposed to the rigours of the business environment ensures that learning is relevant yet is also innovative to obtain the desired “cut- through”. Most importantly, her innovative approach provides consistently strong and direct results for Students.